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MEMSパークコンソーシアム講演会 開催報告

東北大学マイクロナノマシニング研究教育センター3F セミナー室のA-14の建物
Bernhard E.Boser氏(UC Berkeley)、田中秀治氏(東北大)
“FM Gyroscopes”, Bernhard E. Boser, University of California, Berkeley
Conventional gyroscopes infer angular rate from sub-atomic displacements of a proof mass in the presence of micron-scale motion along the driven axis. Minute coupling between the drive and sense axes or ambient variations result in large bias errors. Mode-matching results in orders-of-magnitude increased signal amplitudes, albeit at the cost of decreased bandwidth and elevated sensitivity to matching accuracy and environmental variations such as temperature and pressure. Force-feedback and electrostatic tuning have been proposed to alleviate these problems but introduce new challenges including sensitivity to absolute voltage. Stability and the requirement to detect mode mismatch in the absence of a large signal present further difficulties.
FM gyroscopes are based on large amplitude displacements in both the drive and sense axes. Mode-matching is trivial, since the resonances of both axes can be readily observed. The output signal is a frequency rather than displacement resulting in improved scale factor repeatability. Unlike mode-matched AM gyroscopes, FM gyros do not suffer from reduced bandwidth and inherently reject quadrature errors. The availability of both an angular rate and whole angle output in the FM gyroscope represents another advantage.
We will present the motivations for and implementation of an FM gyroscope and demonstrate reduced sensitivity to errors based on a practical design operated both in conventional AM and proposed FM modes.
“Esashi-Tanaka Laboratory Update” Shuji Tanaka (Tohoku Univ.)
The presentation will overview recent activities in Esashi-Tanaka Laboratory. The key words are “integration” and “materials”. For example, networked integrated tactile sensors, IC-integrated RF devices, tunable RF devices, PZT devices and a new packaging material will be introduced with key MEMS fabrication technologies. We are happy, if you find any hint for your research and development or a point of contact with us.