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MEMS Park Consortium is pleased to announce its partnership with MEMS Industry Group. Both groups have entered a partnership agreement to promote the greater commercialization of MEMS and advance MEMS across global markets.

MEMS Park Consortium provides an open environment where researchers can share information and facilities.

Put simply, the potential of MEMS Park Consortium lies in its strong ability to produce highly competitive goods, achieved through information sharing in an open environment.

In the early stage of research and development, various types of MEMS research information is not kept secret among particular parties, but is shared openly with others so that themes can be explored together and needs can be grasped at an early stage. In many cases, finding the technologies for concrete solutions in such a way, and using them in the area of product development in each company is much more mutually beneficial.

The Consortium was established with the motivation to create an environment for such activities. We believe that this is one of the most effective ways of aiming for product development with the wide scope and potential of MEMS.

The competitive advantage of MEMS is the ability to achieve high performance with minimum resources.

Three issues in the industrialization of MEMS:

  1. Systematization of technology seeds and sharing of information for research and development
  2. Fostering of engineering directors who can integrate technologies in a comprehensive manner
  3. Clarification of specific applications

MEMS Park Consortium is working actively to make MEMS technology a key industry by overcoming these issues through mutual efforts among industry, academia, and government, including businesses, economic organizations, universities, national government, and local public authorities.

In the vicinity of Izumi-ku, Sendai City where the MEMS Park Consortium has its base for its activities, superior semiconductor-related companies have accumulated, and the promotion of new technology development through mutual cooperation, as well as the enhancement of industrial competitiveness is expected.

MEMS Park Consortium's uniqueness displayed in cooperation with national and international projects

In the global competition for technological development, it is becoming standard to utilize universities' advanced research and development abilities as well as other companies' technology and know-how.

While cooperating with various industrial-academic joint projects that have been developed in the region, the MEMS Park Consortium aims at commercialization of these projects using MEMS technology. For example, it is expected that research and joint development will be conducted using MEMS technology in the ÒSendai-Finland Wellbeing Center ProjectÓ where the Republic of Finland and Sendai City are working together for the research and development of health and welfare equipment and services with high added value.

Furthermore, the MEMS Park Consortium functions as a bridge in national projects, such as the Knowledge Cluster Initiative which is to develop into the Industrial Cluster Plan.

MEMS Park Consortium will promote its activities while displaying its uniqueness by cooperating with various industrial-academic joint projects in the region, as well as with international projects, such as those in Switzerland, Germany, the U.S., and Taiwan, all conducted at a national level.


MEMS Park Consortium Nishizawa Center, Tohoku Univ.
519-1176 Aramaki-Aza-Aoba, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-0845
Tel. 022-229-4113 Fax. 022-229-4116

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